Saturday, December 21, 2013

So it's winter.

Officially. This is news, I thought it was, um, I dunno. It's weird to me this whole "seasons starting halfway through the month thing". I'm not sure if they do that in the southern hemisphere or if, it's just me, can't be bothered to find out though it's possible to google it.

Anyway.. as far as I'm concerned winter starts on December 1. Unless you're in the southern hemisphere, that is. None of this.. solstice and equinox beginning seasons. Oh and don 't get me started on the beginning of summer, the summer solstice and midsummer for fucks sake I mean HOW CAN MIDSUMMER BE THE BEGINNING OF SUMMER THAT MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY!

So.. I.. forgot what I was going to say next.

Well anyway, it's the solstice, where I live it means that tomorrow will be about a minute longer than today, and the day after that yet another minute (or so thereabouts) longer and so on and so forth. This pleases me. It doesn't please me so much that it'll be at least another 2 months before it starts to be nearing reasonable hours of daylight but what can you do? Move I suppose but I won't be doing that.

Of course, the holidays are all happening in the middle of the next week, so it's big party time, something that pleases me as well as kind of.. I dunno, already tires me out, but it makes all this cold and dark better.
After all the partying will be Jan, which pleases (all the parties and shit that can get too much will be over) and displeases me (Jan sucks, it's still winter, the days are still to short, and all the parties and shit will be over, so it will be boring). Oh and it will be '14 which pleases me dorkily for reasons that are both probably obviousish, and stupid. And there will be stuff starting I hope which both pleases me and, something else.

How do I feel? Well.. going to see a really cool, favorite local band tonight so that's good.. of course, it's the last gig with their current singer, who sorta makes the band really so.. I dunno.

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