Monday, December 30, 2013

A regular Monday.

The night before the night before it is. Well it's afternoon, but in a few minutes it will be dark so I can say night. It's officially a regular day, but it's that strange time, a normal working Monday after the weekend we had surfers here who we didn't really hang out with much but just having people here made it seem like there was something about it that filled up the time between boxing day and now that seems, strange. People have, for the most part simmered down on wishing Merry Christmas and fun and merriment and now are wishing us all a Happy 2014, and "Happy New Year" although at this moment, the year, the current one, is a pretty old one, very near to about as old as a year can get. Still, that's what they say. And here I am alone again, for it is a regular working day for people who are regular and who work, so I'm doing what I usually do, which is not much. Good excuse for that now, being "the holidays" and all.. and there's a new year coming up where everyone can start fresh and do things differently and do things better. That excuse will become invalid in less than a day and a half and I'll have to come up with a new reason not to let myself get utterly depressed at my total inability to do stuff. No.. that's setting myself up to fail already.. this year.. I mean next year will be the year. I mean I genuinely want to get out of this.. I don't know, case of being me, and I have to believe it's possible, so yes, next year all the things I promise I'll do, I shall. Maybe not right away.. I mean, I currently have in my throat what I will describe as a tickle, that will last I don't know how long, and depending on where and how cold it is tomorrow night and the very wee hours of '14, and what I get up to.. rather how much of it I get up to on that night.. I shan't be feeling the best right at the beginning of the year.. and the 1st is a holiday anyway.. and after that is the weekend, practically. So.. Monday the 6th is the day. A regular normal working Monday, not one that's in a purgatory week which is still sorta holidays and has a break in between and where the regular people have to clean out an inbox with thousands of messages because they took the entire previous week off because xmas fell on a Wednesday, but a totally normal day. And by then everyone will be over being over the festive thing which isn't really relevant to what I'm doing but is just a fact, and I will get on with it. What precisely I don't know, but there's a lot of it, and I hope to do at least some of it.

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