Monday, December 02, 2013

All gone.

The well has dried up. I have nothing to say therefore nothing to write which is more relevant in this context. I've "literally" used up everything I have to write about and have nothing left. Yes, I can write about nothing, and seem to have no problem with that and often do, and yes, I can repeat myself, and I seem to positively revel in it, and do it very often as well, and yes I can repeat myself about nothing constantly but..

I have nothing to write about. There's nothing else. I have no more ways of saying the things I've said and and no more ways of saying the things that I've already said. I could write about nothing but there's nothing to say about that and there's nothing more to say.

It doesn't mean I'll quit the blog though.. oh I'll keep writing, at least once a day for this whole month, I said I would.

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