Wednesday, December 18, 2013

*turns brain on*

I need to get some sort of, I don't know, recorder thingy, but not a recorder, some kind of thought reminder whatsit, to put beside my bed at night. That or something implanted straight into my brain. Is there something like that? Where can I get it, and is it expensive?

I'm asking because I keep getting, well once or twice I have gotten, really really good ideas, well thought out in magnificent prose, in the middle of the night. Having paper and pen beside the bed just doesn't work, one because I'm not the only one here, that kitty will start whining and knocking things off the table and bugging me to get up to feed her the second I show signs of life, oh and there's Erik, who has to work. Also because I'm lazy, particularly when I'm like, half asleep and warm and snug in bed. A tape recorder or anything with noise doesn't work for the same reasons. I need something that needs neither light, noise or movement. Otherwise it's all lost. All of those.. whatever it was I thought of that I can never recreate quite the same way in the morning, or at all by the time I can be bothered to try to type it out.

Well if you can think of something, because well.. the stuff that's lost it's.. I mean I remember it as being particularly clever.. funny that all the really good material is stuff I think of when I'm in a half asleep daze that I can't remember in it's best form when I'm completely lucid, that is some coincidence. You know.

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