Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I didn't.

Big surprise. Did you honestly think there was the slightest chance I would? Don't answer that, in fact, the very thought that one may have suspected for so much as a second that I would is presumptuous, at best. And one was right in what one surely suspected, in fact was more than certain of, that I most certainly did not.

I'll do it tomorrow.


Ronald said...

I laughed when I read this (after reading the previous post first). Sorry, it just grabbed me this way.

I don't take any notice of grammatical rules anymore. But (see?) then, I'm a rebel. And (another one) I positively look to break them. What can they do?

Michelle said...

Grammatical rules? What are these grmamatical rules you speak of I know of no gerammatical rules and if I know them they can kiss my you know what so anyway how's it going there with you?

Might read something later on today. But then again maybe I won't.

Oh yeah punctuation who needs it I don't there I said it.

Michelle said...

oh and spelling... fuck that too ;)

Ronald said...

I'm not fine thanks (well, you did ask). It's the usual "time of the Year" thingy, SAD. Almost desperate, but I cope. Roll on Xmas when I go to New York. The change ought to do me good, I hope!

Might write a post later, but I won't promise. Might practice guitar too, and again, I wont promise. What a fucking life!


Michelle said...

oh yeah.. the appropriately named SAD.. it's a tough one.. which is why they invented all these holidays this time of year.. just get drunk and party and when you wake up it'll be.. January.. :/ well forget that.. hope you get by and I'm sure New York will be great..

just hang in there