Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Waiting for..

My problems are, in the greater scheme of things, pretty small. And I'm not just talking about the shame of whining about my First World problems when millions live in squalor, ridden with disease in a war torn zones... no, mine are pretty crappy compared to your typical adult Westerner. Still, they bother me.

There's this thing at the moment. A stupid thing that I caused by my own stupidity by being stupid. All my fault! Like everything that's crap in my life, can't blame anyone. Anyway, it's a thing, and whatever the worst is, it'll be a pretty small thing, that is something that wouldn't be such a big deal, a minor annoyance at best for a regular grown up, but for me, it's like.. I'm in trouble!! Stuff might happen!

And the worst most likely won't happen. Most likely it will be somewhere halfway between that and nothing, but.. I don't know! So I'm waiting for whatever might (but most likely won't) happen to happen. Any second (within a certain number of daytime hours on weekdays) someone might knock at the door, and it might be something that I really really don't like. And I don't like that.

So it sucks. And not only that, I'm making a big song and dance about, not nothing, but something that's puny, pathetic, pitiful. A storm in a teacup. And it's embarrassing. Well it would be if I gave more details. Not enough obviously for me to publish (sans details of course) it right here. So yeah.. just another crappy thing to put a crappy cherry on this crap Sunday that is... well, most of this year (apart from the week in Eilat, pretty much) so far.

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