Friday, April 05, 2013

Not so bad, after all.

It's been a kind of I don't know if I'd call it productive, I certainly wouldn't call it great, but, it's been a week. I've done more to push my acting career forward in this week, (plus last Saturday, I think) than I have since about August last year.

Shot some footage for something I've had for ages actually already had some incomplete and crappy footage of it but I wanted it done again and did it again. And I went to a casting, for a real movie with a proper agency and I won't get it but I never even get called for these castings so, big deal kinda and I hope they call for more though.. er, probably won't... and I also worked on a movie set again. Met some people through the internet, said they're making a movie. I told them yeah I'll help.. so they show up, I was kinda sick and sniffly.. but I went and met them anyway, with no clue what they wanted me to do.. so what I did was basically show them how to get a place or 2 and act in a scene.

Not a bad week, in spite of the feeling sick and coughing and sneezing and the CONTINUING GREY AND COLD, but I probably mentioned that enough already so, that's nothing new.

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