Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a bit o' action here

Yesterday my city was in the news. The proper news that is, the one that goes all around the world. There was an explosion, heard all throughout the center.. well, nothing (at this point there has been no foul play discovered) sinister.. just an unfortunate, er, mishap. Gas explosion.. o course, those have been happening with some regularity recently so.. who knows. *looks around suspiciously* No one has been reported dead, thank goodness, though up to 40 people are injured. It could have been much worse and for that I suppose we should be thankful. My personal involvement was knowing 2 people who were in the center who heard the explosion.. a whole lot of early contradicting reports and walking by here.. The scene o' the crime.. Not a lot to see.. just a closed street, police and a bunch of gawkers. *shakes head at gawkers* I mean.. what's the world coming to?

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