Sunday, April 07, 2013

Milestones, Landmarks, Deadlines.

All of these things are important in the lives of many people, well.. by the very definition of one is something important to someone in a nutshell.. that is, figuratively, it neither means that nor is it in a nutshell if you take it literally.. oh, don't take any of them literally, that's now how I'm referring to them.

Them being, those things, the ones in the title. These are things that I make a big deal about, too big a deal about, particularly #1 and #3, that is the first one and third one in the title. I shouldn't because, well, these things don't really matter. I know that contradicts everything up to this point, but it's true. And I don't work well with them. I should just.. be, and do. Particularly #2, which is the thing I said second, ie "do". Just do it, as a certain footwear company says.. I should. Not to a particular point or standard by a particular time, not to have everything, I mean literally everything in my life and the world line up perfectly on a very specific date, but.. just do.

And hopefully I will do. And it will all come together, bit by bit.. and at a certain point of time.. everything will be literally perfect in every way you can name it. Or, at least pretty good, at some future point, not all that long from now. It might just work.

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