Sunday, April 28, 2013

I should write.

I haven't been so much. No real reason, as you well know, not having anything to write about never stopped me before so.. *lets that thought wander off without finishing it* It's been generally uneventful but internally hectic. A whole lot more is bloomed, I've been relieved, depressed, anxious, basking in the warm glow of knowing that everything is just fine or is just almost.. but, there's always something else.. and there's always something that isn't as sorted out as you thought, and there's always stuff that comes back. And it's all been this week. Still.. hasn't been that bad. Went to a few auditions, performed poorly or at least not as flawlessly brilliant as I'd liked to have been and in any case haven't heard back from any of those people.. did get a small role in a short movie, with a compliment on how good I was in another short movie a year ago so.. perhaps I'm not all bad at this acting thing, though, not necessarily all good. I'm not sure I know. Still hovering in the same place regarding other things, closer to having all may papers sorted out. Weather's been nice, well until we get to the weekend, when it decides to rain.. two weeks in a row already. So like I said.. nothing to write about.

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