Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I was joking.. joking!!!!

Nice little joke I made yesterday on the annual day o fools, the first day of April. Yeah, that site, the one from Science, wasn't real. well is was a real site but it wasn't really from Science.. there isn't going to be a new ice age.. that's ridiculous!

Well.. it seems like they're really saying it.

I mean.. yeah, people, even members of Science get things wrong sometimes, are influenced by the same biases/experiences (ie a really long winter that's getting like, real annoying) like the rest of us. And some of them disagree, well I assume they do because, they're always disagreeing, those Science people. Still, I didn't really want to hear that it's a thing, you know.

Anyway we probably have a few years left of, regular weather, whatever that is, and then I can move to somewhere that's too hot now, but will be just right then, maybe. I should get a head start on buying property, I suppose, if I can scrounge a couple of hundred thousand of one of the larger denomination of currencies together.

In any case, it's April. This was your last chance weather gods! I can't think of another milestone for spring to finally be here by and if you can think of one email it to me and I'll give you another chance but I'm telling you I'm extremely grumpy about all this! That and I have the sniffles. Do something about it already!

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