Monday, April 01, 2013

Winter is Coming

No, I haven't moved back to the Southern Hemisphere. And I'm not speaking metaphorically to give a sense of foreboding about some dark days ahead ie really really annoying bad shit I have to deal with which is actually a thing with me but let's not get into that now. It's not even just another grumble about this long winter which is not coming and not just beginning despite the.. there's a whole lot more left of it aspect. t I'm speaking of the long winter, similar to the long night as experienced in Westeros.

Yes, winter is indeed coming. I speak of the coming Ice Age. You might remember the last ice age.. the one with the mammoths and the humans evolving to keep up with the changes and stuff. There was also a little ice age in more recent history, starting in medieval times to the 19th century.. so, you know, it happens.

Well, it's happening again.Yes, this is not just a freaky long winter that's just another type of freaky weather that we always get in one way or another, it's a fucking ice age! I'm not making this up! I consulted science and it's true.

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