Friday, April 19, 2013

Slowly getting..

there, things together. I did achieve a fair bit.. on Monday.. and took some steps toward doing more the rest of the week. I mean, for one thing, I'm properly a proper citizen which I already was but I didn't have one particular thing that literally everyone has here.. that is citizens and because of my weird status I didn't. For ages. Now I have it. That's the thing I did on Monday.

To be fair to myself, and that's only necessary if I agree that I haven't done all that much over all this week really which I'm not entirely convinced of.. I have been doing a lot of going out and having fun this week. Well going out.. reading a play, seeing live music, not just drinking beer...

Spring is pretty much here and just in time for the weekend it's overcast and promising to rain but.. I'll probably live with that.. more guests, with whom we may party some tomorrow.. there's a big thing in a park and whether or not it rains (it will) I reckon we can have some fun with that. And it is nice, that though the sky is grey.. yes still grey and not dark after 7pm, there's still some colour, as those little things that are supposed to be on the end of the branches of the trees.. are finally showing up properly, some of them. It's a definite improvement.

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