Monday, June 11, 2012

Musings and such.

It kind of sucks that, when you have something bothering you, whether it's a sore throat, some dreaded event, unbearable overshadows everything. All else can be just fine, even good, but you can't stop worrying, or aching. 

Then it goes away and you don't notice. It's not like.. everything is normal and dull, but not bad.. you're sitting there thinking.. "isn't it wonderful, I'm not sniffling and sneezing"..  I mean.. ok, once the dreaded event if over.. you get warm, there's relief for about a minute, then it's just fine. Other things like being sick.. a cough or something, it goes away, and one day you realize "hey" my throat's not all fucked up anymore in that weird way that keeps going away and coming back and I don't have a cough either.. awesome! Now I can just get on with things and enjoy it all" No. Well not me anyway.. I just say.. oh yeah, it's gone. Whatever. 

Of course, there's always something else to annoy/be worried about. That is if you're me. Not that I'm complaining or anything.

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