Friday, June 22, 2012

Thanks, weather gods..

Just keep it up.

Summer is here, finally. I know the official beginning was 2 days ago.. something that I just officially became aware of but vaguely knew before.. (isn't it weird that midsummer is the beginning of summer, it makes no sense! what the hell northern hemisphereans) but it's finally warm and nice and not overcast all the time and only rains when it storms which is often if not usually if not exclusively in the evening.. and I quite like it.

Last night it was particularly welcome.. in the outdoors under the stars (actually under the still shining very brightly sun, right in my face if you want to be specific) at the open theatre in VyŇ°ehrad..watching A Midsummer Night's Dream. Worked perfectly. Play was pretty good as well, despite the seating by the side of the stage which had us looking right into the sun for the first act..

So anyway, still nice, still warm, not raining. I'd just like it to carry on like this for a while.

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