Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This time of year sure is fun.. one week of making movies.. well, an evening, the next day, the next morning and then an evening a week later, picking up my mother, seeing a charming Shakespearean play in a beautiful outdoor theatre, seeing my mother off the next day after trying to find clothes that don't suck with her.. (seriously, what's up this year, I mean, I am really hard to please but I don't remember it being this bad last time I bothered to try shopping) then a music festival the next day and.. yeah the aforementioned movie shoot at the end of it all.. done with those for now.. and then.. oh yeah. Pretty much it though I did see an interesting bunch of shorts last night from some local filmmakers.

Been fun. For now it seems to be slowing down.. but that gives me more time to do what I should be doing.. (getting work.. you know, actual work, getting our own show not so much off the ground but putting an actual clip together or at least rehearing for something) rather than.. whatever it is I'm doing. *tries to figure out what I've been doing*

Yeah, it's good to have some time to catch up. I am doing that.. really. Sort of.


moshmangus said...

It is good to hear that you are active, you feel positive! What about the weather in Prague?

Michelle said...

Pretty warm! Actually hot at times. Still raining sometimes. We had a few days where it did everything within the hour which is kind of typical for this kind of year..