Saturday, June 09, 2012


I've had the blas for the last couple of days.. might still have them. I dunno, on and off. Another thing showed up which I was not at all pleased with, which is not only highly impractical to me, especially considering the circumstances I'm already in, but didn't do a whole lot for my psychological well being, as it also was related to feelings of general uselessness and pointlessness which are also related to the impracticality which this new issue   adds.

Still.. I feel kinda ok right at the moment.. still lagging on the other thing I'm supposed to be doing, and another thing that's supposed to be happening isn't happening or is very slowly.. and we're still way behind, by the most modest of schedules on our film making careers.. but it's a Saturday, it's not raining though it probably will at some point and ti's overcast, and it's going to be an eventful day, maybe so..

whatever, I think I'm just used to this.

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