Friday, June 01, 2012

Plodding along..

Not the most perfect beginning of summer or just the month of June if you interpret it another way. It's not necessarily bad but.. things are slightly.. meh.. still getting over this sore throat/cough thing that eases up a bit then comes back and hasn't been so bad for a few days but I thought that a few days ago the other night was.. grrr.

A bit of drama here the other day.. well not so much drama as, something sucked, and it was all my fault and that's over now but it cost me, well cost.. and that cost will be transferred to me in various ways and I'm not particularly pleased with the whole deal in more ways than one.

Still "studying" if I ever mentioned I was, finally got my info for the tours I'm training with and now it's time to get ready for them.. taking it's time. Who knows how long it will be before I'm ready to actually work. Could really use the money you know.

It rained today. It seems kinda nice now but, not that warm. I could complain more but I think I'll stop here.

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