Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And the sun sets..

on this, the longest day of the year.. Northern Hemisphere, 2012. Yes, you're right. That is if you were thinking.. er.. isn't it usually the 21st of June that's the solstice? I mean.. I guess it isn't the same every year but isn't it usually the 21st. Well it is. At least I think so.. but 2012 for some astronomical reason.. it's on the 20th, which is today. So happy longest day everyone. I mean, and shortest day if it is for you.. not sure if the exact opposite is true.. but if it is happy that one.

That means summer is here officially. I think it had a head start a few days ago.. been hot, also rainy, sometimes a bit cooler than hot and a bit overcast at times.. but that's to be expected.

Oh.. done with film #2.. not bad.. only Wednesday and already have 2 films under my belt. I mean.. not literally..

Still another one to go in about a week. *feels all proud of self and stuff*


moshmangus said...

Congratulation for your second film and all the best for the next one! lets hope many more and more talking parts for you this year at least.

Michelle said...

thanks.. I'm hoping for something like that too..