Saturday, December 03, 2011

Number 17.. you're going down!

So, a lovely sunny Saturday. It's nice to get those, particularly this time of year when one does not expect nice kinds of weather. Pleasant it was, though, not having a lounging about day, I had things to do!

I had to do the old fiddly change transit thing that one must do at times, so I go to Narodni Trida, and wait for the 17. It's a weekend so the trams are coming slightly less frequently than weekdays, but still not so bad. one showed up after not long. Well, I didn't notice it at first, because some woman came up and asked me how to get to Prague Castle, even though I was checking through my little notebook at the time in the vain hope I'd written some information that was important there.. so another lady took over from me, explaining in detail how to get there. In the whole kerfuffle I didn't notice the 17 waiting there at first, it was backed up, like a tram is when there's another tram waiting ahead of it, but there was no other tram in front. I went up to get on it, and it moved forward.. oh, thinks I, it's moving up to the front, where it's supposed to be. But no, it didn't.. just kept going.

So I had to wait for the next one. And no, the important info was not in my little notebook.

I get to my destination, and I walk and walk, I hadn't been to this place before but I had a pretty good idea of how to get there, until an unfamiliar road, one that I was sure I hadn't seen on the map, came up ahead of me. Then, lo and behold, I see someone I know coming across the road. Hadn't seen him for a while, so we did a stop and chat, and I asked where this place was.. I remembered the street, sorta. He scratched his head, sure that he was familiar with it.. and then realized, it was written on the street sign right above his head. Oh how we laughed and laughed.

So.. said ciao and went on, down that street, the street I was supposed to be on. But my destination was not along it! Walked back up that street, and found it ended where I had begun. I consulted my crudely drawn map and realized that all the streets were wrong, or the google map was wrong because they didn't match up. That my own map was an inaccurate representation of the official map, is not a possibility of course.

I walked up and down a bit. Then made a phone call, found out, I had the address wrong. No idea how that happened, but I walked on to this other street. Fortunately it had a name which kinda gave away where it was so it wasn't so hard to find, though the place I needed to go was a bit difficult to spot, part of a big complex of warehouses and stuff.. so I walked past the entrance a few times until I found it, then I wandered around in there for a few more minutes.. and then I thought the door was locked and waited outside like a chump.

Pretty typical of me trying to get somewhere. On the way home, I waited at the tram stop for the 17 again, checked the time it came, but it didn't come. Had to wait for the next one, and then it didn't go back the samw way but took me of course. Damn 17!

Oh it was for an audition, I was going, btw. It went kay I spose.. apparently I've improved, which totally isn't condescending or anything coming from someone who should be a peer (fair enough he has way more theatre experience and has done grown up stuff like actually help form and run a theatre company) but it's positive. Probably wasn't good enough to get in but I'll live with that.. I already have one thing going so I'll coast on the dizziness of that for a while, yeah that other one I went on.. sorta got something from it. Oh and I got that important info that I mentioned earlier in time.

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