Sunday, December 04, 2011

If I thought I had any laurels..

I'd probably rest on them.

Fortunately, the period I felt like I was finally going somewhere, or at least finally beginning to edge forward in the right direction was short lived. I got a role, yes, this was and is still a positive thing, but for one thing by that point the need to create my own stuff was strong, so I'm still (fully intending) on doing it. Haven't actually done more since finding out, but it's still no 1 priority for me.

I did have another audition yesterday, which I already spoke of. In the evening I went back to the spot, finding it easier this time, to see a play. It was alright and the night was fun, spoke to some people I don't usually see. Some people, not all people cared to speak to me at all.. I mean, I know they all know so many people and have so much time but.. it was clear that I'm nowhere near being one of the cool crowd yet, if there's a chance I'll ever be. Pathetic really.. 30 fucking 8 years old and I'm still trying to edge in on the popular kids group. At least a little acknowledgement for a second.. "looking forward to working with you".. just choosing the cast list now... hint hint, er.. yeah, like I said your audition was really good..

ok so I know I'm in at least one thing.. that's good.

Went along for another thing today. Just joined in a video shoot for a promo for a new organization. A bit of a saga there too.. had trouble getting info from them, the guy who I emailed wrote back 3 times asking more questions and then went home for the weekend before giving me the time and place.. fortunately I got the info last night, so I went along.

Turns out this dude was at the theatre last night.. I think I was sitting right next to him.. whatev.. anyway shooting the vid was fun, we got free food and did a bit more socializing, and it's something else my face will be in, so good.

Nothing else on the horizon for the mo... gotta get out there and do my own stuff! I totally will this time.

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