Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I give you 3 out of 10.. today..

I had an average day to put it in the mildest possible way. Started when I woke up, turned on a light, which went out after half a second, taking everything else with it. Including the computer which you can imagine was particularly vexing. So, due misunderstandings, assumptions and just plain stupidi er.. naivety, I was sitting here without any electricity, for some hours.

I had an appointment today as well, and of course I didn't write down the details last night, stupidly thinking I'd be able to check my email in the morning, but I got the relevant info from someone on the phone and figured I should go, despite the fact that our hot water heater is electric.. and I did spend some time trying to find the map book which I haven't been consulting very much recently due to.. you know, usually having electricity and being able to get directions online. It was as if I was receiving all these signs to not go or something..

I went. It was to the wrong location first, this place has 2 and as I didn't get the address from my email but someone else looked it up, I didn't know which one I was supposed to go to, but he directed me to the other one and I went there. Some dude was standing there and made it known in a very casual way that he was the one I was there to see. I went over and after a few vague questions got me to demonstrate how I'd give people directions, with a map, at this point I knew very little about the job, important stuff like hours and pay, even though I'd asked for these details in an email, but I performed for him. Didn't do too good, in fact as soon as I realized he wanted someone who can like, give directions halfway well I knew this wasn't going to work out, but I did it. This went on for a few minutes before he stopped me abruptly and said, that's all. Didn't even get a chance to find out that actually.. this shitty job doesn't pay well enough, and is beneath me, so I will not be performing your monkey tricks for you..

Wasn't too impressed with that. Came home, and everything was still off.. we thought it had maybe been turned off because the latest bill had been paid kinda late.. so I just sat there, soon after the sun went down, so I just laid down for a bit, it was fucking cold. Finally, I found out it wasn't the company, so I went upstairs and this dude up there went to the outside fuse box and flipped a switch and it all came back on. It was a bittersweet moment, yes, it was back, but it could have been back oh so many hours ago..

That's pretty much it.

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