Thursday, December 08, 2011

It's always something.

It's the stupid little things that bother me... computer stuff, can't put a certain program on the comp due to, I dunno, not understand how easy ti really is.. other computer stuff. People coming here and hanging around all day, who I've numerous times tried to explain that I really do need time to do stuff, on my own and every time he takes his sweet ass time hanging around and I seem annoyed he gets pissy and asks why and I either leave it or have to explain the whole thing which I've already gone through, yet again..

there's other stuff. Very small things, nothing worth worrying about, nothing to fill the emptiness which is leaving me with too much time to think and get annoyed by everything. I had one nice bit of news some time last week, and that evening I was kinda elated, and since then everything's been kind of, well not bad, but kind of nothing, with little annoying things... theatre people acting as though I'm.. well not anything really not even noticing me, electricity dying, computer stuff, finally seeing my headshots took a few months ago and looking utterly dreadful in them and realizing that yeah, I must really look like that.. people stuff.. other stuff that's too small to mention.

Hopefully I'll get out of this whatever it is. It's really too pathetic to even talk about, and here I am writing about it. Oh well.

Yeah I'm grumbling about


Ronald said...

Ah... stuff and people. It's always the same. Always a problem. But worry not, everything passes. Okay, apologies for being so banal, but it's the simple truth. In any case, by the time you're reading this I'm sure you'll be out of your funk and eagerly looking forward... after all, it's Party Season! Everyone shout - yayyyyyyyy!

Michelle said...

I know, I often get in these moods which I forget about once I have my mind on something...

it just happened to be at that moment when I was writing.. sounds really stupid now, but then again all my entries seem to at the moment, the moment being about 2 or more years by now :)