Monday, December 12, 2011


Is today. Should't be such a letdown, as I don't have a traditional job, and in fact, don't work much at all. Shameful, I know. I am being bothered though. I just want to get some of my stuff done, look up some stuff and.. well let's face it a lot of today will be spent me doing stuff that is mostly in the "wasting time" category, and very little of researching, practicing, editing, cleaning up etc.. and even stuff that's useful for work (that is the paying kind) but still, if I'm not going to get anything out of this time, then I might as well spend it a way that I enjoy, as opposed to not getting any of that stuff done, and not being able to do whatever due to someone being here who will hang around for way longer than is necessary, which is already way longer than I'd like.

So yeah, Monday, blah.

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