Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter is melting...

Springs seems to be thinking about maybe tiptoeing upon us, but should be advised to bring some heavy rubber boots, cos all that those piles of dirty, icy, packed in snow need somewhere to go, and the city is a mess of puddles at the moment.

Yesterday I went to register with one of the larger casting agencies, after considering for some time that I maybe ought to do something like that. I'd like to excuse my fumbling and flubbing on the fact I did most of the interiew in Czech, but the recordings I did in English were just as bad so that topples that theory. I made a complete buffoon of myself for about the 86th time this year, and there have only been 56 days this year up to this point (and yesterday we were only up to 55) so I'm not doing badly in that area... Strangely enough during the photoshoot where I just stood smiling, looking angry, anxious, surprised, or just plain posing I did just fine.

Who knows what it will turn up. We'll see I suppose.

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