Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grumble, grumble.. russm, frussm.

It has been said that February is now the new Jan.

Actually this is true of last year too.. which sucked seriously, in an awful way.

This Feb sucks in a different way, the mundane, nothing real big going on, small things though some of those things that in the greater scheme of things are not important are very important to you.

Computer still dead, that's the main thing. And it's going to remain dead, probably, it will be ages until I'm online at home anytime soon. *cries and stuff*

I had a slight problem with the other computer, you know the one that's useless for anything.. well, I made it useless for anything, realizing that I actually was depending on it quite a bit.. now that the actual useful comp which was fucked up and annoying to use but worked doesn't work. It was really stupid. I was trying in vain to find out how I could connect it to the internet, so I saved some stuff to take home and read them, found them useless but fiddled around anyway. I logged out, logged in again thinking well you never know it might renew the thingy and read my usb whatsit.. probably won't but what the hell it can't do any harm.

Well, all it did was make my desktop disappear. I couldn't access any of my folders or files, or even right click. All I could do was add stuff to the bar at the bottom whatever it's called. I could access stuff through Mozilla though, but couldn't do anything with it. I fiddled around, fucked around, screwed around, tried to type commands in the box thingy although I had to keep logging out and logging back into the program that didn't work to get it. I didn't know any commands, and the few I found were useless to me but I tried them. Did nothing. Then yesterday I was fiddling around more, tried adding another thing to the bar thingy although none of the programs I added there were usable and it fixed it somehow. So that's back. We're back to square one as they say, or rather -1 because the problem with the comp surpassed the fuckup with the updates and now the battery is dead. Or something, Maybe it's the motherboard. No idea.

So.. we had an exploding water heater on Sunday, that fixed itself and hasn't done anything again, but I spent half a day cleaning up the mess.. it had the decency to spill dirty water over just cleaned stuff and one of the cupboards. Something to do with my time.. but that's over with and I'm waiting for the next big fuckup. The minor ones aren't worth mentioning although I will now. The tv which I got out after being away for months doesn't seem to work, and I just broke one of the bulbs to one of the lights I have for photography and stuff.

And something else I just tried to do proved worthless.. meaning I will not get any money for even longer, and this computer is weird and has issues with the language, it wont stay on English, thats even if it has English.. and I cant type the apostraphe.. I keep getting §§§§§§. What the fuck is the use of that character.. I mean what the fucking use (insert question mark here.. and close bracket as well.. grrr/

Apart from that everything's great.

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