Monday, February 01, 2010

A few pointless facts about today.

Today I finally washed my hair with shampoo, after about 4 days of washing with just water, soap(not even worth it) and such a tiny bit of shampoo that I might as well have been washing with water, or soap as it happens. Consequently my hair doesn't feel like rubber anymore, and it looks alright.

It's the first of Feb, meaning that Jan is over. Nuff said.

Today's date 02.01,2010 is a palindrome. Unless you use the month/day/year format for numeric dates, in which cased it was on the 2nd of January and you missed it.

It is the 32nd day of the year. It's also the first day of year where the number day of the year it falls on, isn't also the number in the date. This is interesting to me because of my 365 days activities, where I post a self portrait of myself for every day for 365 days. I began at the beginning of this calendar year, and up to know it's been day 1, 1st Jan, day 16, 16th Jan etc. Starting from now I am going to be fully aware of which day of the year it is, where most people generally don't.. unlike in Jan for obvs reasons. It isn't such a big deal now, but come day 156 for example I'll be impressing everyone with my instant knowledge of this admittedly useless fact. That is if I keep it up for much longer. And I actually keep aware of the number I'm up to as opposed to just sticking up a photo and numbering it one before the other one.

Today is a Monday :)

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