Monday, February 22, 2010

*hums indistinguishable tune*

so..things go on. Computer still dead.. sucks but I'm coming to terms with it. Still poor but able to eat and stuff. I have a potential other film coming up..nothing that pays which would be totally fucking useful right now but I can only hope for crumbs in these troubled times.. still, sounds fun and I need to be doing something.. yay and stuff. Met with the film dude on saturday and talked and we'll see where it goes. More info when I have it and/or more time/inclination to write about it.

weekend was nice.. getting warmer, almost up to 6°c today.. I know, it's quite astounding. It means to get warmer.

and.. well, not much else. In a cafe, on a wonky computer, one of the shift keys doesn't seem to work but at least this has english installed which is better than the last one I used. and there are people smoking here.

Oh well...

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