Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh fuck, fuck, fuck! *grumble grumble* fuck!

Well fuck! What do you fucking know the fucking computer just died. I mean died! Fuck! This time for real.. well I hope it might be restorable but it's worse than last time and last time sucked! And the other computer is still fucking useless as I've been able to do fuck all with it in all the months I've had it, you know the fucking one with the fucking mishmashed Linux system with no midnight commander. I thought I might try it again seeing as I'm more desperate now, but the cd with the details of how to install it is lost, and almost certainly dropped behind a cabinet that cannot be moved. Not that it makes a difference, otherwise I'd just be frustrated with reading all the jibberish.

Fuck. So I'm in an internet cafe, which sucks because the keyboard is all weird and I forgot my glasses. I picked one I know cos I know it has a usb port and I need.. I mean need to upload my photos which I'm sorta doing at the mo, of course I'm unable to edit them the way I like, fuck!

This is fucked I tell you. Fucked!

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