Friday, February 05, 2010

Something to ponder..

I've been looking through my stats recently, and it seems that people looking for Meisner Technique related content seem to find the blog regularly. Specifically people looking for difficult activities for it. If you don't know what this means, which you probably don't unless you're one of the people looking up Meisner technique activities, and actually stuck around to look at the front page (or in fact that this is the page your search leads to, which is likely seeing as I'm using those words repeatedly in it) well I'm not going to explain it here, it's just something that one uses while doing the Meisner technique.

Now.. the problem is, my posts don't have any help for people who want help with finding said difficult activities, just me going on about my classes. I thought I should get back into doing it, for the purpose of being more service to those people.. and well, getting back into the acting thing which I haven't been doing at all for like.. years.

But, of course, one of the major reasons I quit going, apart from being a lazy fat ass, is that I could never think of activities that were worth a shit, neither difficult or meaningful or any of the other criteria that you need for them.. so there'd just be more of me grumbling that I can't think of an activity. So not much help there then.

I'm afraid I'm not a lot of use to the people who come here for interesting knowledge about cats either.. although that's something I can study.. and maybe offer to readers, one day.

I'd like to be of use to someone somewhere :)

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