Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You know, it's weird..

it is.

And in the latest observations for the weather blog, I wonder why it's always so cold when it's sunny? I mean, we got a bit of snow again last night after a week of freezing cold weather where it didn't snow but the existing snow didn't melt letting what was there pile up and get packed in hard and all grotty looking and stuff, so I figured it must have warmed up a bit because it always snows when it's a bit warmer, ie -2 rather than -8 or colder.. although the weather site said -6 like it has for the past 4 days whether it's day or night, but it did seem warmer.

Anyway, today we woke up to the sun. I felt it must be warmer seeing as it was already warmer (or it must have been because it snowed) and because the sun was shining. Well I looked at the weather site and it said -8! We went out for a bit and it seemed as cold as it has been for the past week. Actually it seemed quite warm whenever we were directly in the sun, but overall it was still cold.

I find this strange.


Dave said...

At night, the earth loses heat by radiating it into space, in the form of infrared light. When there are clouds, much of that is reflected back downward, and less heat is lost. When you wake up in the morning, after a cloudless night, it will be colder than it would be if there were clouds.

On a sunny day, the temperatures rise more quickly than they do if it is cloudy, so it should be warmer by sunset. This is less true when there is snow on the ground, because the snow reflects so much of the sunlight back into space.

Michelle said...

Ok. Good to know.