Saturday, January 30, 2010

We're getting there.

The first month o' the year is usually.. well, the status us leaving much to be desired, at least for me, at least this particular one, at least that's the excuse I like to use for grumbling, not getting anything done that I put off the last 4 months of the last year because it was/was nearing the holiday season, and for hoping it might improve when that dreaded Jan is over with.

Well, it's not over yet, and it's not the last day of it all so we're hardly sitting pretty yet but we're nearing it. What will happen then is anyone's guess but my guess is not much, things will be pretty much like they are now but with a few more minutes of daylight, which isn't a bad thing really.

I.E Nothing going on at all.*

*see last at least 5 posts during a slow posting period being about nothing at all, and at least the 7 before that being something of a stretch.

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