Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Well, so much for the "global warming" thing...


Sorry, thought it was the 90s there for a second. And before that I had a moment at being absolutely appalled at the liberal weirdos trying to control me by daring suggest that we treat the earth a bit more nicely.. I thought I really had them there... yeah not really, sorry it really annoys me when these dickheads who think it's a real "gotcha" moment when it's colder than usual and therefore global warming is obviously wrong, then again I get annoyed at people who think that unusually hot weather means it must be true.. so there you go.

To my point. It's FUCKING COLD! Brr I say! It's been fucking freezing since just before the new year, we're getting temperates below -10° regularly.. And it's probably not about to end.

I did get the snow I was pining for, it snowed a lot over the past few days, it's fair to say we got dumped on. It's very pretty. Well it was pretty but now it's turned to brown mush, but I still see it as beautiful because I'm an artist, I love the realness of the grey muck in the urban squalor. Cos I'm deep n stuff.

Of course, it snowed for a few days, which was pretty. But then it stopped, but remained really really cold. The forecast, which has been uncharacteristically accurate of late, says that the next week the weather is going to be clear, but really really cold. It's quite perfect because though it will be too cold for the snow to melt, it won't snow anymore, therefore creating the perfect conditions for the creation of smooth, clear ice everywhere that people walk.

My ass is hurting already. Blah.

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