Thursday, January 15, 2009

I leave it up to you, reader.

Yes, this is a desperate ploy to get a few more little numbers under that "comments" heading, I'm tired of those 0s dammit. Yesterday's whine worked a little, so I might as well keep up the shameless bit..

caption this..


now of course if I get no comments I'm going to look really sad.. the life of a blogger is hard :)


Erikland said...

How about "Vater"

er, actually that's the word verification :)


"We only drink green, if you know what we mean..."

Erikland said...

"Who let the fanta drinker in the club?!"

Michelle said...

Erikland wins!

for now :)

Actually I was going to come up with something clever myself, but that didn't work out :( Need to flex those brain muscles more..

Barry Leiba said...

I have no clever caption. But I do have a related story:

The major brewers from all over the world had gathered for a convention, and they were socializing in the local pub on opening night. As they ordered their drinks, each brewer ordered a glass of his own beer, accompanying his order with a little speech about his is the best.

The Budweiser (the American one, that is) talked of "The King of Beers." The brewers from Beck's, Heineken, and Foster's did the same. Staropramen, as well, yes. When his turn came, the brewer from Guinness said, simply, "I'll have a Pepsi."

The place went silent, as everyone stared at him. "What?", he said, after a pause. "If none of you fookin' pansies are drinkin', then neither am I!"

Michelle said...

Guffaw :)

Nice story..