Saturday, January 17, 2009

The very definition of "fitting"

Finally, they got the right type of person to teach abstinence only education in the US. A clown.

It's quite perfect. The parallels between this sort of "entertainer" ie, said clown and this sort of "education" the aforementioned abstinence only kind, it's uncanny.
At best they provide a tiny bit of unintended amusement, typically they're utterly useless and achieve nothing, and at worst they cause major trauma in later adulthood. See? Perfect!

Of course, this clown is kind of lame, even for a clown. He doesn't look like a clown (apart from some rather large pants) and he doesn't really joke, he just talks and juggles. Take a look.


It's almost embarrassing watching it. The message is really really dumb stupid and I hope most of the kids have a similar reaction to mine upon hearing it. It's simplistic to the point of.... dumb stupid. He talks about hopes and dreams for the future, and then says that alcohol, tobacco, drugs and premarital sex will cause you to fail at fulfilling those dreams. He talks about risks, and demonstrates by juggling machetes sorta near a person lying on the ground, points out that it would have been irresponsible to juggle them over him and uses it as an example of a risk. Get it, that's a risk, just like those other things. A single puff, one drop, getting to know someone very well, thinking about it and knowing you want it and using the necessary contraception, then having sex are risks. Just like juggling machetes over a person. It's so simple! Now if you've already done one of those things (and presumably survived)I suppose you're fucked so you might as well go hog wild, but he doesn't really address that possibility. Maybe we'll get that installment next week.


Barry Leiba said...

Talk about bringing tears...
But for entirely different reasons.

Michelle said...

Well, it is quite sad as well as being funny. In fact, I'm aware that it's more fucked up than anything..