Sunday, January 04, 2009

More of the same..

More on Dennis Prager's Put Out 4 Your Husbandz Bitchez... part II came out "literally" the second I finished writing about the first one, so I reckon it's about time I added to the pile on. In short, it's more of the same. At least I think it is, it doesn't really make that much sense to tell you the truth.

In this part he's focused on why women's moods don't matter, and why they should let her husband get it on in them regardless.. he's no lightweight this guy.. no, he gives us 8 reasons so he must be right. Summarised, those reasons are, 1. women want sex less, 2. sex is a job for women, 3. that's some hippy shit, 4. that's some feminazi shit, 5. people are on the bitchez side so the man is more important, 6. that's some hippy shit, 7. men have to get everything their own way before they'll do anything for you, 8. just shut up and put out.

I'd more into detail but there's too much of it, and I get the feeling I've been through this before.. I'll just give you this. Reason #1.

But for most women, for myriad reasons -- female nature, childhood trauma, not feeling sexy, being preoccupied with some problem, fatigue after a day with the children and/or other work, just not being interested -- there is little comparable to a man’s “out of nowhere,” and seemingly constant, desire for sex.
All reasons given to support his assertion that women like sex less than men, he's got evidence, he's right so he can then go to the next happy step and argue that this means that how a woman feels about this sex thing should be rendered meaningless.. the logic, it's genius.

It doesn't occur to him to perhaps suggest helping out with the kids, talking about it and getting o the bottom of what the problem is, if there even is a problem, backing the fuck off and giving her whatever support she needs in the case of a long held childhood trauma for fucks sake..

then there's always the possibility that she's not so into sex because it's not that great for her.. but let's be honest, the issue here isn't a woman's desire for sex. The goal is not to get her to want sex but to do it anyway. I guess it shows how much she loves you if she puts out even if she doesn't like it. Excuse me I need to go barf now.

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