Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The title there sums up, in one small word, pretty explicitly what I've been feeling for about.. oh, the last 14 days. About since January 1st.

Yes, that's exactly the date... hmmmm... it's that dratted Jan again. Fuck, no sooner do you get it over with then it's 11 months later and it's starting again.. no fair!

Ok, to calm down just a bit, I'm neither homeless, moving or living with someone who annoys me, I'm online, I have a camera and I'm not blocked out of my email or locked outside.. but.. but..


it's fucking cold! It's cold fucking cold and really cold! Oh and I have no money but that's pretty much an all year thing rather than a Jan thing so..

oh I thought of some other things!

I haven't done the things I said I was going to do in January, and I can't be bothered to do them, meaning that I either won't do them and feel bad about it, or I have to get off my ass and do them, which I can't really be bothered to do.

No one's reading anymore. Ok, so some people are reading but there's no one commenting and it makes me feel unloved and ignored. *weeps*

It's cold. I think I said that already..

ok, ok.. well.. I'd say it's not so bad but we're only half way through the month so I shouldn't tempt fate, just take it as given that I'm grumbling non stop during this month (distinguishable from the rest of the year in that I don't give myself those 5 to 10 minute breaks that come around every week or so) whether I write it or not.



Ric said...

LOL. I was just looking at my stats for January wondering where all my readers went to, then I read this.

Never fear: even if we don't comment, we still love ya!

Michelle said...

Ok, it's good to know :) I'm just doing what I'm best at.. grumbling. It's nice to see a little number underneath that comments heading for once though:)