Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I left out an apostrophe..

From writer's. In the last post. Very embarrassing, or it would be if anyone noticed, or indeed had read it. So not embarrassing at all. Anyway I still have it.


Ronald said...

Over here in the centre of the Universe, there's a current discussion about leaving out the apostrophe altogether, except maybe for contractions like we'll where omitting it might be confusing. Personally, I like the possessive apostrophe but that's due to familiarity rather than any other considerations. On a smiliar language note I've astounded myself to find I'm using both English and American spellings too, dependng on how I feeel - like colour and color - without batting an eyelid.

Michelle said...

Yes, it sounds quite practical really, and to be honest, as far as leaving out the possessive apostrophe goes, it's one of the common types of miss-punctuation that offends me the least, not like inappropriately place quotation marks or anything... actually that amuses me more than anything... anyway, if anything drives me crazy it's people putting in unnecessary apostrophes, as in pluralized words, it's frightfully common and makes no sense, why would someone go to the effort of putting a symbol in that doesn't need to be there!!! Oh well.. I find that quite amusing too, sometimes. I can go on about it though :)

Ronald said...

Your so right%