Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Right among it.

There's nothing like this time of year when it gets warm enough to keep the windows open, (or too warm to not, or you get distracted cooking and burn stuff so you need to open all the windows wide to let all the smoke out which is actually the case in this instance) and warm enough for people to be hanging out more at night, and travelling around and staying in the hostel across the street, and walking instead of taking the tram, and well actually since last summer they've moved the tram stop up so it's right in front of our door which is cool but it's also right under the window.

People sure do chatter a lot. And yell. And they sometimes sing, often in Spanish. You notice when you live right in the middle of it all. People coming and going, doing things, engaging with other people, having lives.. right there, under my feet. It makes me feel like I'm a part of the world, from my little station here where I write stuff, sometimes, and in general spend time doing, I don't know what, but here I do it. I'm not really though, part of the world, that is. Not usually. Occasionally I do a thing but, well, I did something last month and I reckon that's probably it for a while, although it is summer and that is when so much tends to happen that even I find myself out in it. I guess I'll see.

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