Monday, June 02, 2014

Let's try this again.

A brand new shiny month just started. Well sorta just, it was yesterday, and I do these resolutions, at the beginning of the month, or week, or after a birthday, or after I get back from some.. thing, or at the beginning of any arbitrary time period that I've decided on.

The resolutions are to do the stuff I should be doing, or should have well done, plus a bunch of things I'd ideally like to be doing, because of course, I haven't already done them. Well, you can tell from the need for these resolutions at this hear beginning of this month of June '14, that there is a lot that remains undone. Stuff I should have done, stuff I wanted to do, stuff I had aspirations for bla bla bla, I've gone over this numerous times, even on this very page so I won't repeat myself again. No that wasn't incorrect or redundant I was referring to the fact that I already repeated myself. Anyway, those are the things.

I will tell you know that I won't do them. None of it. I mean yeah, I'll do a few situps sometimes, and might write a bit more of that outline, and maybe I'll even look up monologues or clean the fridge or read a bit of web design tutorial but in general, I won't do any of it. Also at some point I will come here onto this blog and write about how I'm not doing it, either in general or maybe even get into specifics. That's one thing I almost certainly will do, assuming I don't completely forget about the blog again and not write at all. That is also a possibility.

*wonders if there's a single person that actually reads anymore*

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