Sunday, June 15, 2014

On a role

This coming week will be this year's week. If I expand the time a bit, this late part of one month and first half of another month will be my late part of one month and first half of the next month.

Got work finally! Well, days of work, but it's acting work and pretty good roles too. Yes, it's two of them, and one of them is even for a film that I missed my casting for because I was such an idiot that I looked for the wrong place on the map and well.. went to the wrong place, tried to find the right place but as I didn't know where it was an didn't happen to stumble across it luckily, didn't find it. So that's cool. You think I'd have a more positive post, saying that things are happening for me and this bodes well for the future and I've arrived and I'm like, a real (ish) actress doing lots of stuff if it's not exactly the most high calibre stuff it's stuff but I've said stuff like that before and I don't believe in jinxing but I don't want to jinx it.

So after these three (the one I did last month and the ones I'm doing this week) roles, there will be probably bugger all in the way of acting except some helping out with flyers (I did that today actually, dressed in like, a medieval page boy costume, I think) or as an extra or a 42 second video we shoot that I take ages to edit and then don't want to show because I don't like the way my nose looks, and not much else of note regarding employment or opportunities of any sort.

Oh and who knows if these, especially the second one, will really happen. Probably will but until they're done they're not done. The first one almost certain, got a call sheet and everything. The other one. I'll see. And after that, well I'll have a lot of time to write :).

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