Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The ongoing adventures.

I had a casting this evening. Something that is the same thing or at least very similar to something I've been to before and written about here often. Summer courses, group casting, act out a basic and rather oddly dialogued script, the same they've used for years now, with another person, and if people like you and need someone like you in their film, you get a call.

That went ok. I think I was good, I know how to do this acting stuff so I was as good as anyone, and better than many if I may say so myself, and I may so I will. And I just did. Someone asked me a brief question after so perhaps, I don't know, I'll see if someone deems me worthy of being the wife or mother or other female sidekick of the main character of their film.

It wasn't the only casting I had today however, I mean, not the only one I was scheduled for. I had another set, with another film school, of course.. what you think I'm being sent for real stuff with professionals? I think I can safely say that that is never, well not terribly likely, well probably well it would be ice but I'm not sure that will ever happen. Anyway this one I am less familiar with. Didn't even know where it was, so I looked it up, on google maps. Checked it carefully, looked at it in satellite view and zoomed in and everything.

Still, I made sure I got a bit early for my appointment, didn't have enough credits for so much as a text so I had to make sure I was there when I was supposed to be, and when I got off the tram, I was making good time. Then I went to where the school was supposed to be. IT WASN'T THERE!

Bloody map was wrong, or more likely I was demonstrating my utter inability to follow the simplest of directions, either way, I could not find it. I looked everywhere, up and down every street looking for this one street the school is supposed to be on, which I know but I just don't know where it is exactly, and kept thinking it had to be this one but of course it wasn't. And it was hot. I kept looking until I gave up. It was too late and I couldn't even text to say I was late and had no idea where it was because.. no credits. 

So I had a beer and waited for the next one. Well I did some shopping too. Still no idea where that school is, or the street. I'd look on the map but I'd rather not, as it will almost certainly confirm that I am completely at fault and the address and the map and everything is't even the slightest bit confusing, and I'm just an idiot, so I'd rather hang onto the slightest thread of possibility that it was just somehow outrageously wrong. It could be.

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