Monday, June 09, 2014


Every now and again, when  I feel I should write but have nothing to write about, which happens well.. every day when I set myself one of these "write every day for a month" things.. not the thing I'm going to mention but the having nothing to write about thing, well the thing, not the having nothing to write about itself, but the other thing is to look through the archives and see what I wrote about on this day.. whatever year.

First I get depressed. Or not depressed exactly, a less severe version of it, morose maybe, or is that worse? I dunno.. a bit crummy then. I see a whole bunch of "something cool is happening and I hope it works out", "something cool might happen and I hope it happens", and much more "I should be doing something but I'm not doing it, or I'm not doing it properly, or there's nothing going on I hope stuff happens at some point" etc etc etc. And of course, that cool thing didn't work out, those cool things didn't happen, and I'm still not doing whatever I was supposed to be doing or the stuff that I hoped I would be doing later. And a whole lot of nothing on this date for a few years, until I find one..


Back when I was still tour guiding, the first one. The ghosty tours. Now, there was one tour we did, where we went into the creepy, spooky underground of Prague Town Hall. It is pretty spooky and creepy. It's apparently haunted and a bunch of guides, pretty much all of them said they'd had encounters down there, or at least some sort of incident which the people on the tour were really into and it made it awesome. That never happened to me, maybe it was because of my skepticism, I do't believe in ghosts or anything magical, because, um, it's completely fucking stupid how anyone can believe in any of that shit I don't know, but still.. there's something about it all that seems to at least make a tour really cool if nothing else.

and then one night.. exactly 3 years ago, well, plus 12 hours or so, it happened! I mean I didn't see anything, there were some strange noises that seemed unexplained at the time and everyone was freaked out, and that made me freaked out which made them freaked out even more.. and after that every little noise, even someone moving across the dusty floor made us all jump and at the end one girl started crying cos she was so scared and had to be taken out. Everyone else loved it though, even her dad and sister so.. there you go.

Good times :).

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