Monday, June 16, 2014

Parenting experience.

Obviously I have none. Not being a parent, or a guardian of any sort or even a godparent whatever that is, or anything like that. I have very little experience looking after or really being around children, know nothing about them, and if they're not old enough to form something resembling a coherent sentence that a conversation can be made from, ie at least 3, so I can talk to them on their level, I just don't get them.

Well perhaps that's not true, I've played a mother a few times now and to be perfectly humble, I fucking rocked it. I mean I was pretending, that's what you do, and I'm good at it, but you know, following a script and being caring and shit to some kid you don't know and beaming at them.. got that down, what more is there to it? I mean, you fix some beans and wipe noses every now and again, I can do that too.

Oh I'm not suggesting I procure some of these critters, I just can't be fucked with that and it's probably too late anyway, but I think it makes me expert enough to tell people how to bring up their kids, how they're doing everything wrong, and that they need to stop doing most of what they're doing, particularly when it involves something that may at some time be a minor inconvenience to me. Considering I'm all clever and shit in the first place, now with all this experience, it's a no brainer.

Well today I was playing what would generally be considered a bad mother, who smokes and flirts with men and everything, and actually I've played a prostitute more times and I obviously don't reflect that in anyway, probably a nurse too, and I can barely bandage a finger so, maybe parenting advice isn't my thing. I do like the idea of setting people right about the way they live their lives, what they think and the way they do things though.. maybe I'll just get a blog.

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