Thursday, June 12, 2014

Expanding Horizons.

So I go to the film school to meet this guy about a movie, thinking it's going to be a possibly dry but maybe well done and deep story about a woman (that would be me) who takes care of her mentally ill sister. So, yanno, kind of a slightly better chick role than "the girlfriend" "the prostitute" which I used to play pretty much whenever I played anything, or "the wife" or "the mother" which are my roles now, almost exclusively.

Still.. it would be cool to do something fun for once, real fun. Ok so the last film I was in was fun, it was "the mother" a particularly old scraggy mother which made it alright of course, but that one was fun, I got to dress up in animal print and everything, you may have seen photos.

Anyway, I got there and first he takes us to a restaurant, big points, and then says oh yeah I'm doing a different movie you're playing aliens.

And I thought like.. cool! And it is pretty cool. We talked about it and came up with stuff to add and started thinking about what kind of aliens we are and what earth things we're going to focus on, as you do and well anyway, I'm playing an alien! First time ever. I think it's my very first non human, at that.

'bout time!

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