Monday, November 07, 2011

Oh, look at those colours!

I really like this time of year, strangely. I mean I never look forward to it so much during that time that summer is coming to an end, and I envisage and end to the warm, exciting fun filled days that actually haven't come around yet.. but, once it's fairly into September, with wacky wine festivals happening, and lots of birthdays and events and yes.. a very silly season (ok, I like it, sue me!) coming in the next months.. it starts to fee more.. festive.

I mean it's getting colder, and the days are shorter, both things I could do without.. however, there is this wonderful thing that the trees do in autumn and.. well, I must say I'm quite a fan. And I don't live near a splendid forest, and the leaves here change to predominantly yellow hues, rather than red (not that there's anything wrong with yellow, but it is truly splendid to see a forest of bright red leaved trees, mixed in with orange and yellow) but, Prague's a pretty city, and the changing o the leaves only improves it.

So where am I going with this? Well.. I'd barely noticed it this year. We've had a stretch of gloomy weather.. not terrible weather, not so cold, and not much rain but day after day of grey sky. Usually there's some sun this time of year and well.. at least every couple of days but the grey just went on and on. It was particularly vexing because the forecast at the beginning of last week said all week would be sunny, and it, like, wasn't.

But finally yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day, with a bright blue sky and little fluffly clouds and oh.. you could see it, beautiful yellow and orange trees, leaves falling as you walk, and piles and piles littering the sidewalk, just ready to be kicked about as if a silly kid was walking along there instead of me. Yes, I did kick the leaves about.

That's about it.


Ronald said...

Those fucking leaves fuck up the train scheduling on the cross-city line here in Birmingham. Allegedly, leaves on the line get compressed and release an oil, which affects the running of the trains. So they take away two trains in every hour, to allow the rest to take their time slowing down and starting up again. Fucking bastards. On the way home, if I'm just a little late, and miss my usual train, I have to wait ages for the next one. Yes, they are pretty aren't they.

Michelle said...

Yeah.. spose...

still.. it's, er.. they're pretty!