Sunday, November 27, 2011

Doing things really makes you want to do things.

Well, in my case anyway. Ok only sometimes. Well rarely, but it does happen.

Just finished editing one video, see post below, and now I just want to get my hands on more footage! I'm on an editing spree. I worked with some other earlier inferior footage (yes that's footage inferior to the footage used in the video I spoke of, it is possible) earlier on and it was surprisingly easy, compared to when I first got my hands on the aforementioned footage, which took me ages, though on and off, mostly off to edit.

I need more! It's a bit more difficult to actually get the footage, I've noticed, despite the enthusiasm when I speak to others that are involved in these projects, usually when we're drinking and such, that enthusiasm doesn't seem so great when it would be otherwise a good time to film. And it also means (sometimes) going outside, setting things up, doing things over again and other complicated things that just seem like work.

Oh well.. there will be more! At some point :/

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