Friday, March 05, 2010

Some stuff.. and stuff.

It's funny how your interpretation of things changes so quickly. I spent most of this unusually cold winter being all happy if the temperature was only a few degree below 0, which I thought was positively balmy.. In late Feb it warmed up, first to around 0, then for about a week we had mostly positive degrees, going up to 8 or so, and all the snow melted. Well now it's gotten all cold again, and is going to be for the next couple of days.. with degrees about 0 to 4 during the day and I'm shocked at how damn freezing it is!

Yes, the weather is still the most exciting thing happening around here. The comp that died is still dead. There is no new comp. There is a comp but I have been unable to get it to do the most basic of tasks. It's operating on Linux, with which I am (still after all ths time) unfamiliar. We've realized it doesn't have enough RAM to bother with much right now, and being not particularly techie people we're all proud of ourselves for knowing what this RAM thing actually is and use the opportunity to mention it a lot so we sound clever and stuff. To ourselves anyway. Seriously, I never thought about it before, it was just something that's inside the computer all invisible that does something important but not sure really what. This probably explains why I've been unable to do something as simple as get a computer installed with anything useful but I still retain the dream that I might be able to do something with it one day.

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