Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just popping in..

to say hi.


Been quiet again. Same old thing nothing to write about and when there's something to write about it's something I don't really want to write about and when it's something I would like to write about it's something I don't want to share and when it's something I'm ok sharing I can't be bothered.

Pretty much that.

Easter weekend was nice, no eggs here, not much chocolate even but beer, always the beer.


Ronald said...

Sharing is a problem. I always find I don't want to hear of the problems of others (unless I care about them) and from this, I assume everyone else is the same, so I tend not to broach the subject of "personal issues". Or if I do, I tend to dilute them with humour, to the point they're unrecognizable as issues. So when I do get to write, it's mostly insubstantial stuff. And as you can see, I'm writing nothing at the present. Does this mean my life is just one huge issue of which I'm loth to share? Work it out for yourself :)

Glad to hear the beer still flows. My Easter was pretty much an ordinary (though extended) weekend.

PS. I'm being made redundant. Can't use work as an excuse for not writing!

Michelle said...

I think I feel the same. How can anyone possibly give a shit about my boring life? Nevertheless, I share stuff about my boring life, not the details, and really, the details might make the stuff slightly interesting to those people who are interested in the boring details of others' lives but I leave out the details, making it even less interesting because i really don't want to share the details, so I end up with what I end up with, when I write at all. It's Saturday, so yes, had a few beers including a green one, which is slightly stronger than other beers.

Sorry to hear about your work issues, I know people like having jobs and stuff. Of course, if it means you'll write more, we all win. What we win is another issue, but I'm sure it's something.

Happy rest of weekend :)

Ronald said...

I don't like having jobs and. Hark back to days of yore, blogging-wise, and I wrote two posts in praise of idling. I do like money though, cuz it affords me the stuff I want :)