Saturday, April 12, 2014


I'm going to write about writing. Again. I know, it's getting old but it's my blog and I can write about writing if I want to.

Once upon a time I used to write much more, here, as well as a few other places but that never really got off the ground, but the blog was really working for me. A long time ago now. For years I've been updating this blog sparsely or filling it with.. filler. Well, there have been phases where I wrote a lot because I whined a lot about my personal failings, and times when stuff actually was happening and I had a lot to write about.. stuff that was going on with me. Back in the golden age that I vaguely remember existing, I wrote about.. things.. all sorts of things, can't remember what things but they were general ideas, clever takes on.. stuff, and well, whatever. I just remember it being a wider range of subjects than I'd written about before, or have since. It may not be a lot, it might still be crap and very shallow and me centered compared to any writing of quality but for me, it was good.

And I had inspiration for things. I'd lie awake at night with an idea, writing it in my head and coming up with particularly clever bits that I often forgot by the time I was able to write it down, but still, it was there. I was in the habit of writing, and coming up with ideas for subjects, which weren't all just the tedious details of my life.

I could go back and try to find this lost era, and read over what I wrote back then and possibly I'd not be able to find, because, well, it blends in with the general gist of the blog.. ie, full of me centered stuff, and if I could, then I'd find it wasn't all that good, in fact, not good at all and really full of more me centered stuff and the only reason I'd know it was from about that time is because of something I remember writing and being particularly proud of, which is actually very ordinary. This probably would be the case, so I don't think I'll do that.

I'm going to assume there was such an era, and I'd like it back please. I've tried to those days back a few times. The most recently being the month I posted every day. I thought it would jump start the writing frame of mind, and give me those ideas, late at night that I frustratingly copy down late the next day, certain that I'd forgotten the best and wittiest bits, but it never came. I wrote pretty much a full month of filler posts and since then, whenever I write, whether it's one a week or 3 or less or more, they're pretty much that.

Whatever it was, whether it was really very good at all, it might just be gone. Oh well.. tune in for more about me.. whenever.


Ronald said...

Have you ever thought the difference between your writing of old and your more recent efforts is to do with the the overall quality of your life? Seems to me there was a time when your life was underpinned by a constant angst, a dissatisfaction with your personal life, which maybe made writing easier? Perhaps you should isolate yourself from the world and go starve in a garret? But then, maybe the ageing process is to blame. That'd sure explain my lack of inspiration.

Jus' sayin'

Michelle said...

Hmm.. could be something. Not that things are great now, I just don't do as much vague not really telling any details whining on the blog about the shit that's bothering me as much, mostly because I don't write as much. I don't know. I think it's the getting older thing ;)